Start with projects, end with checkmarks

By bringing individuals, business resources, and tasks altogether in a single, integrated system, TrackurStaff gives you understanding into the components that make a team or project fruitful, the zones that are powerless, and approaches to enhance overall efficiencies. Managers can plan and deliver capital, billable, or internal projects, for example, IT and R&D activities, and also projects that have promoted costs. Furthermore, TrackurStaff is consistently integrated with the whole suite of cloud applications.

Get instant visibility

Trackurstaff provides transparency into the status of the team's work. You can finally feel peace of mind knowing where everything stands. And cutback the amount of time you spend preparing executive updates with everything already tracked for you in Trackurstaff.

Get reports you need, at a glance

Get a clear picture of time and money, your team spends on each task.

Select a specific employee, use date range shortcuts, see grouped by date or detailed time-sheets and download them in Excel for further analysis or to generate invoices. Your employees can also see the reports of their own time and use it to generate invoices if needed. All in a few clicks.

Access tasks everywhere

With web app and extensions for 10+ platforms, your tasks are always there: web browsers, inboxes, and more.

They create a task, and the program automatically tracks time and screenshots for this task. This information is then securely saved for you to see in real time. No spying and finally your employees are in control!

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Feature by feature

Built for your projects, your workflows, your goals, your team.



Simply create and allocate one to your team member.


Manage your initiatives, meetings and programs into the shared project.


Customize your workflow and synchronize projects.

Due Dates and Times

Ensure the on-time completion of your tasks with due dates and time feature.


Add documents from your system.

Thumbs Up

Motivate your employees differently when you can.


My Task

Plan your day with an organized schedule.


Get instant updates about the tasks that matter you the most.


Intelligent search helps you find the details quickly.


A customizable view to check progress on all the projects you care about view.


Get optimized list of any tasks on a Calendar to get a clear view of when work is due.

Get File

Find the documents you require rapidly or see a gallery view of any project’s attachments.


Task Assignees

Predefined responsibilities to the assigness, so everyone knows who’s responsible.


Only get upgrades for the work you think about by following (or unfollowing).


Collaborate with sellers, contractual workers,



Android Application

iPhone Application

Windows Application

Google Drive

Bug Tracker

Cloud Work

Mail Chimp

Calendar Sync